What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz involves a team of scientists and naturalists working with the public to discover and record the life of a park or reserve: everything from brightly-coloured beetles to seldom-seen bats, from cheeky possums to wonderful water-bugs. BioBlitz events include activities for all ages, experienced and novice naturalists, and anyone who wants to contribute and learn. BioBlitz events are popular internationally. They are a fun way to have scientists, naturalists and the public work collaboratively to collect information about the natural world.

Nature of EP BioBlitz

What an amazing event we had in Coffin Bay National Park as part of the Nature of Eyre Peninsula Conference!
Here is a summary of what we found:
  • 7106 individuals recorded
  • 94 different species
  • 5 bat species (3 not previously recorded in Coffin Bay National Park)
  • Western pygmy possum (not previously recorded in Coffin Bay National Park)

Activity 1 - Bird watching for novices

Guides: Dr Greg Kerr, Mary Crawford
Capacity: 30 people
For those of you interested in birds but not sure how to take it further this quick introduction to bird watching will set you on the correct path. We’ll quickly show you the types of equipment you need to start and then take you on a bird walk. Bring your binoculars and field guide if you have them.

Activity 2 - Shorebirds

Guides: Peter Wilkins and Danny Rogers
Capacity: 10 people
For those of you who are experienced in bird watching and want to take it to the next level, this is an opportunity to start on the more difficult path of identifying waders. Take a short bus ride to Long Beach where Pete will work through the shorebirds there. We will supply some telescopes, but please bring your own binoculars and field guides.

Activity 3 - Marine intertidal

Guides: Dr Shelley Paull, Dr Sue Murray-Jones and Rachael Kannussaar
Capacity: 30 people
Take a short bus ride to Crinoline Point in the Thorny Passage Marine Park. Explore the intertidal zone for fish, molluscs, crustaceans and other marine critters.

Activity 4 - Reptiles and mammals

Guides: Michael Freak, Niall Stephen and Sam Everingham
Capacity: 20 people
We have established a line of pit fall traps and a line of Elliot and cage traps in the Coffin Bay National Park. After a short presentation on the mammals and reptiles of the National Park, take a stroll to the trap lines to see what animals have been caught.

Activity 5 - Snails

Guide: Dr John Stanisic (The Snail Whisperer)
Capacity: 10 people
Go for a walk in the Coffin Bay National Park with the Snail Whisperer to locate and identify some of the local snail species. Learn about the natural history of these quiet but fascinating creatures as you stroll through the bush searching and talking with John.

Activity 6 - Plants

Guides: Ian Abbott and Geraldine Turner
Capacity: 10 people
Ian is a local identity who has spent many years collecting and identifying plants from across the southern Eyre region. You will go into the Coffin Bay National Park with Ian, set up a survey quadrat and complete a survey of the species composition and coverage within the quadrat.

Activity 7 - Fungi

Guides: Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher
Capacity: 10 people
Go for a walk with Sapphire in the Coffin Bay National Park and start to learn some of the fungi species found on Eyre Peninsula. Discuss the natural history of the second biggest Kingdom of life and the vital ecosystem services they provide.